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When should reiki not be used?


    We are aware of the many different contexts and aspects in which Reiki can be beneficial to us. It helps resolve emotional conflicts and restore balance, improving health and regenerating tissues (such as bones, muscles, and skin, among other things). This practice provides a solid foundation for not only our personal growth but also our capabilities in a variety of facets of life.

    Despite being in love with Reiki, we will not expand on its infinite virtues this week. This is because, despite Reiki being completely safe and compatible with other types of therapies, treatments, and medicines, there are rare instances in which we must take certain precautions or even delay treatment.

    We should never touch an open wound for hygiene reasons and to reduce the possibility of contracting an infection. When performing Reiki on someone, keeping a safe distance of a few inches between you is best.

    Because of advances in medicine, limb replantation is now possible. However, we will not use Reiki in the event of an accidental amputation of a limb because it speeds up the process of healing and regeneration of the tissue; this could make it more difficult to reimplant the limb.

    We will not apply it to a fractured bone until a medical professional has replaced it or after the intervention, if one is required. This is for the same reason as the previous point. In this scenario, you should not proceed if any screws, retaining plates, or other similar components have been implanted.

    When discussing the most common surgical procedures and implant options, we reach this point in the discussion. Implants and prostheses of any kind have reached a point of widespread acceptance to the point where it is difficult to find people in a significant portion of the population who do not have them. Since dental implants, prostheses made of titanium, silicone, or saline, tensor threads, intraocular lenses, intrauterine devices (IUDs), pacemakers, scarification, and the like are foreign elements that the body does not like, it has a natural tendency to get rid of them, and Reiki may make this process easier.

    Pay particular attention to any organs or grafts that have been transplanted. Since the tissue is foreign (sometimes, even if it is your tissue but taken from another part of the body), the same thing can occur as described earlier. If we postpone the Reiki sessions until the doctor approves the transplant, we won’t have to worry about taking any unnecessary risks.

    When a person or animal sustains burns, the affected area is subject to pain, further burning, and an increased risk of infection. Because a Reiki practitioner’s hands give off heat when they channel energy, we will not bring them closer to a burn until the person experiencing the pain has stopped. Even after that, we will avoid making direct contact with the burn. In the meantime, we can use Reiki energy to treat the areas of the body that have not been affected by the condition, or we can use distant Reiki to treat the entire body.

    No patient (human or animal) going to be sedated or is currently undergoing surgery will ever receive treatment from our facility. Since Reiki is a detoxifying modality, the patient receiving it may be able to forgo the anesthetic and remain awake during the procedure. If you have received Reiki in the hours leading up to the procedure, there is a possibility that you will require a higher dosage of the anesthetic that will be administered. However, it produces outstanding results during the resuscitation and in the following hours.

    When there are issues with the heart, it is best to avoid applying Reiki directly to the chest area where the heart is located.

    It is common practice in some Japanese schools to observe epileptic seizures without intervening and to provide treatment only after they have occurred. They contend that these assaults are a resource the body uses as part of an internal healing process and that this process allows the body to recover.

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