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Where do crystal properties come from?


    Have you ever wondered where do crystal properties come from?

    Crystal properties include color, shape, appearance, history, and location. These factors reflect their qualities and what they can deliver to the user.

    For as long as we have existed, we have shared a special connection with crystals. People have used talismans and amulets since the beginning of human history.

    The belief in Healing Stones has its roots in various sources that developed over time across peoples, cultures, and beliefs. These origins predate modern practice and belief.

    Healing Stone & Crystal Properties


    People are drawn to certain stones for various reasons, one of which is the stone’s color.

    The characteristics of the stone change depending on the color and the type of stone it is because each color has its unique vibration that resonates with the stone’s inherent energy. They may connect to the planets, the elements, or the chakras.

    Understanding chakra helps determine the metaphysical properties of stones. Remember that various facets of human life, such as the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, are all connected to chakras.

    Stones used for healing can help restore energy and bring the chakras back into balance. In addition, stones that have a color combination hold additional chakra energies.


    The crystal’s properties are also associated with its appearance and the way it is affected by light.

    For example, transparency indicates receptivity and holds more energy. A highly reflective crystal may hold more mental, emotional, or spiritual energies, while a more earthy crystal may be more suitable for grounding.

    Crystals develop in many interesting ways, which according to metaphysical and spiritual thinking, are not random or coincidental.

    While some have spikes and facets, others are rounded or do not have a defined shape. Some form in aggregates, others form alone, some in layers, and some in bubbles. Some have a natural shape. Others are artificially cut in a specific way.

    Its formation says a lot about the energy it contains and is believed to be related to Sacred Geometry.

    List of Crystal Shapes & Sacred Geometry Meanings

    Here is a list of crystal shapes, along with a brief description of what they represent:

    • Single Point – Can be natural or artificially cut. Pointed inwards, the body channels energy into the body. Pointed outwards drives the energy away.
    • Double Termination – This can be natural or artificially created. It can simultaneously emanate and absorb energy from both sides, channeling it in two directions simultaneously.
    • Druse or Aggregate – It has many tips implemented but not necessarily fixed. It radiates energy to the surrounding environment.
    • Geode – It is encased in an outer shape. When opened, it is concave and contains many sharp crystals inside. It diffuses amplified energy, softens it without neutralizing it, and allows it to flow out slowly.
    • Natural Long Tip – It resembles a wand, but its formation is natural. Concentrates energy in a straight line. It quickly transmits energy if it is aimed at the body and moves it away if facing outward.
    • Ghost – Appears to contain a “ghost” within the crystal. It puts the past in perspective, pointing the way to growth and evolution.
    • Ball – Usually cut and may have faces or imperfections inside. It emits energy in all directions evenly.
    • Cube – Consolidates energy into its form. It is useful for grounding the intention and for connecting with the earth.
    • Pyramids – Can be natural or artificially created. The natural pyramid (e.g., Apophyllite) amplifies and concentrates energy through the apex and is useful for manifestation programs. The artificially cut pyramid stimulates and concentrates the inherent properties of the crystal.
    • Egg – Confines and shapes energy that can detect and rebalance blockages in the body. The most pointed area is a useful acupressure and reflexology tool. In addition, it is an excellent “hand relaxer” in times of stress.
    • Amorphous – Does not have a defined shape. Energy flows quickly as the amorphous crystal does not have a rigid internal organization. It has a strong and instant effect.
    • Layers or Plate Crystal – Formation occurs by plates (e.g., Lepidolite). It is useful for working on different levels simultaneously as it spreads energy across layers. In addition, it can be helpful to get to the bottom of issues.
    • Tabular – It has two wide faces that result in a smooth crystal that can be double-ended. Some contain cuts inside that can be rubbed to activate the information. It is an excellent communication tool at all levels. It is said to be the finest instrument for communication with other realms. Activates other crystals.
    • Elestial – It has many natural endings and unfolds into a crystal composed of multiple layers. Contains energy that flows smoothly, removing blockages. It balances polarities and paves the way for needed change.
    • Inclusion – Generally formed from a deposit of another crystal within a Quartz (e.g., Chlorite). It radiates the crystal’s energy concentrated and is amplified by the Quartz surrounding it.
    • Abundance – Consists of a long Quartz crystal with small crystals clustered around it, resembling a druse. It attracts wealth and abundance to life, its best location being the wealth corner of the house (Feng Shui), which is the far left corner of the house’s front door.
    • Generator – Contains six facets that meet evenly in a single sharpened point. It has the ideal shape to generate energy. Optimizes healing energy. Each of the tips can be programmed for a specific purpose.
    • Manifestation – Rare and precious. One or more small crystals are completely encased in a larger crystal. Useful for stimulating creativity, original thinking, promoting visions, and invoking planetary healing.
    • Cathedral Quartz – Large quartz with multiple endings with at least one tip at the apex. It can be found in small fragments that maintain the same properties. Considered the “Library of Light.” It helps to tune into the universal world and acts as a receiver and transmitter of groupthink, amplified to a more intense vibration through contact with the pure energies of the crystal. Allows access to akashic records. It is said that it makes itself known every two thousand years to help the evolution of consciousness, increasing the vibration intensity of thought.
    • Archivist Crystal – Contains pyramids engraved on the tip or tips. They are often, although not necessarily, Crystal Quartz. Excellent tool for exploring the inner self.
    • Engraved Crystal – One whose faces appear to have been inscribed with hieroglyphics. It is said to be a personal crystal and only used by one person. Useful in past life therapy and tuning in during spiritual formation and initiation.
    • Quartz Scepter – Wide stick around one end from which another crystal was formed. It connects with the wisdom of the times and facilitates the channeling of high vibrations. Generating and amplifying energy becomes an excellent healing tool acting at the source of the problem. According to legends, this crystal was used as a symbol of spiritual authority in Atlantis and Lemuria, and they re-emerged to restore the power of crystals to the present.
    • Activation Crystal or Time Link – Similar to a generator whose tip slopes to the left or right, although some crystals contain both slopes in one. It teaches that time is an illusion we use to organize our experiences while on Earth. The left tilt transports you to the past to explore other lives and spiritual dimensions, while the right tilt transports you to the future or apparent futures, demonstrating that the future is what we make of it. A pair of these crystals become an instrument for synthesizing the left and right hemispheres of the brain and can be used to heal disorders of various orders on different sides of the body, especially if caused by brain damage or dysfunction.
    • Diamond Window – Contains smooth surfaces at the crystal’s tip called windows. It facilitates mental clarity and the organization of information received from different levels of existence. It leads to the deepest inner Self.
    • Self-Regenerating – Crystal that has broken apart, revealing many small endings. It is characterized by healing the fracture by depositing layers of fresh crystals. It is a crystal that contains truly impressive self-healing knowledge. It teaches that we can heal and become whole regardless of the damage and pain we suffered.
    • Ancestral Timeline – Has a smooth, perfectly colorless bump that runs from base to apex. However, it sometimes contains an imperfection that shows where the family’s pain lies and how far back in the ancestral line is. Getting in tune with this crystal allows us to bring to the surface the origin of pathology in the family so that it can be treated and the cure can be traced back to the moment before the manifestation of the disease.
    • Inlet (Aperture) – Has a depression inside it, large enough to hold liquid. It makes it possible to enter other worlds and travel through the past, present, and future.
    • Key (Opening) – Has a recess or opening on one of its faces that narrows as it penetrates the crystal. The opening may, although not necessarily, have three or six sides. Useful for warding off anything holding back the soul or cutting ties.
    • Life Path – It has a long, slender shape of Quartz with one or more smooth sides. It allows access to the purpose of life, helping to let time take its course, opening the way to happiness and spiritual destiny. It helps to follow what the soul wants, not what the ego wants.
    • Spiral Quartz – Quartz with a twist along its axis. Beneficial to maintain balance at any level. It attracts universal energy to the body and is a grounding stone. Clears any energy blockages.
    • Quartz Plate – Forms a smooth, colorless layer, often between two crystals. It facilitates communication and allows access to the akashic records. Encourages maximum utilization of psychic potential.
    • Pair Crystal – It has two twin crystals that grow partially inside or a small crystal that grows outside the main crystal. Supports and provides great comfort, particularly during difficult periods. In addition, it helps to understand a relationship better and to recognize how one partner can support the other.
    • Soul Mate or Tantric Twin – Consists of a pair of crystals with approximately the same dimensions that grow from a common base joined along one of its sides but with distinct and separate endings. Beneficial for all types of relationships. It teaches how to be unique and independent by keeping together in an equal partnership.
    • Barnacle – Contains many small crystals to partially or fully cover the larger crystal. It is said to be the “old soul” crystal whose wisdom attracts newer crystals. Useful for providing cohesive group energy, promoting group work and enhancing common purpose. Extremely comforting after the death of a loved one.
    • Bridge – Develops from another, larger crystal. Used to unite the inner world with the outer world, the Higher Self with the ego, the Self, and the other person.
    • Cross – Has a crystal arranged at right angles to another crystal, usually of a higher dimension. It opens up a multitude of worlds and facilitates spiritual study. Cleanses and activates the chakras.
    • Buddha – Distinguished through a formation that resembles a seated Buddha in the upper quadrant of the crystal. It forms in clear crystals such as Quartz and Danburite. Excellent for opening the mind and for deep states of meditation. It helps to follow the path and acts as a guide in the physical, mental and spiritual worlds.
    • Plumber – Has a seven-sided facet on the front of the ending and a triangular facet on the opposite side. It channels healing energy and helps express what has been learned.
    • Transmitter – It has two facets with seven sides and two perfect triangles between them. They can be used to send healing powers over a long distance or to transmit energy or thought. They open up intuition and attract wisdom and communication with the higher realms.
    • Transchanneler – Rare combination of channeling and transmitting crystals. Extremely creative, dedicated to the service of humanity and who can access the highest personal and collective wisdom, bringing intuitive awareness to any situation.
    • Seer Stone – Polished naturally by water and artificially cut to reveal its interior. Shows the past, present and future. It leads to deepening knowledge about the Self.
    • Isis – Has a dominant five-sided face with a high sharp point resembling an arrowhead. Useful for healing any broken element – body, mind, emotions or spirit. It integrates spiritual energies into the emotional body, bringing balance and joyful emotions. It leads to the heart’s depths, healing, visions and acceptance. Useful for people who want to be more in touch with the nature of their feelings.
    • Wand – Long, pointed crystal exists naturally, but most are artificially cut. Excellent healing instrument that focuses its energy at the tip. Traditional healing instrument of shamans, healers and metaphysicians. They are believed to have been used in Atlantis and many practitioners believe they are returning to the surface to complete their powerful programming.
    • Vogel Wand – It has artificially created facets and resembles a large pendulum. The shorter and wider end attracts pranic energy amplified as it spirals along the facets. The thinner and longer end transmits energy outwards in a beam similar to that of highly concentrated Quartz Laser. Excellent for connecting chakras and removing negativity.
    • Laser Quartz – Long, slender, angled crystal with many small faces. Its sides are often slightly curved. It should never be randomly pointed at another person and only used with clear intent. It concentrates and accelerates the passage of energy through itself by emanating a beam that acts like a laser. Stimulates acupuncture points. It provides powerful protection for the aura and the physical body. It removes inappropriate attitudes, outdated thought patterns and energy blocks on a mental and emotional level.


    Since the beginning of time, crystals have maintained their vitality. There is a frequency and a vibration associated with everything

    Nikola Tesla

    History tells us that our ancient ancestors experimented with healing stones to discover what each of these crystals does. They noticed how certain stones reacted to water, how they produced colored inks, how they changed color, how they were toxic, or how they were used to create tools such as hematite, which is rich in iron and was used to make swords, armor, and shields. They also noticed how certain stones produced colored inks.

    Shamans, healers, and other sensitive people feel the different energies that come from these stones. They will have associated those energies with different parts of the body, areas of life, and mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the human experience based on how they felt affected by them.

    In addition, many different cultures have a history of associating particular qualities with myths and legends that are sometimes intertwined with beliefs from other regions, even though there is no physical connection between them. For example, some of these cultures believed that a being of light inhabited each stone.

    The Atlanteans believed that the planet as a whole was conscious. Therefore they cultivated sacred spaces comprised of crystal circles and stones constructed to bolster the planet. It’s possible that the Atlanteans were the ones who came up with the idea for the medicine wheel used by Native Americans.

    Consider the following when learning about healing stone history:

    First, very few records have survived throughout history, either because they have been lost or because they have been hidden,

    Second, precious minerals were only readily available to royalty, leaders, and priests. When we consider the legacy left behind by the medieval period, we are struck by how little there is.

    In addition, the recovered records were superstitious and inaccurate (it was even claimed that the ruby could boil water), and most of the information does not apply to modern times.

    It is believed that the first strand of DNA, known as the sacred spiral, originated either from a prototype crystal or a crystal itself, specifically silicon.

    Silicon is the fundamental “ingredient” of quartz that actually forms a spiral as it grows. This is similar to the structure of DNA. Many researchers in the field of science realize that a crystal has the potential to be the golden thread that leads back to the beginning of what we commonly refer to as “life.”


    Crystals can be found in virtually every country on Earth, while others can only be found in certain regions due to the conditions under which they form. Discovery zones are also no coincidence. These places are said to have associated energies, stories, and legends.

    Examples of stones with fascinating histories and mythological significance include moldavite and the Seed of Lemuria. These stones are associated with specific regions of the earth and are known as lithic artifacts.

    A stone that is first discovered in the vicinity of mountains, lakes, deserts, sacred sites, on an island, or fallen from the sky like a shooting star will have properties influenced by the location where they are discovered.

    In many cases, the name of the stone itself indicates the location or a specific spiritual association whose qualities the stone reflects.

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