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Where should I keep my chakra crystals?


    The reader’s question is: “Where should I keep my chakra crystals?”

    Where To Keep Your Chakra Crystals

    This post is a small guide that will assist you in placing your crystals in the best locations throughout your home.

    Crystals by the Room Entrance

    The following healing crystals and gems mentioned are usually placed on small tables and pots near your home entrance.

    Crystal Quartz

    It is said to absorb and block negative energies while also being an energy amplifier. It gives you a positive attitude and favors peace and tranquility. It is ideal for environments used for meditating or high-concentration activities.


    It is excellent for repelling negative energies and thoughts. It helps you maintain a positive attitude and face life situations with neutrality. It cleanses surrounding energy, balances your chakras, and is useful to counteract electromagnetic pollution caused by some electronic devices.


    This crystal is known to attract abundance, prosperity, and success. It helps you look at different situations with an optimistic attitude. It boosts self-esteem, revitalizes the mind, and helps you overcome fears.


    It is known to block negative energies and act as protection. It is a powerful stone to attract prosperity and abundance. It stimulates ideas and gives you the confidence to materialize them. It is ideal for filling the places you stay for a long time with energy.

    Crystals to Keep in Your Room

    The following crystals are best for keeping in your room.


    It is known to transmute energy into love. Also said to promote emotional stability and is ideal for meditation sessions. In addition, it helps you make better decisions and fall asleep if you have insomnia or recurring nightmares.

    Rose quartz

    It is a crystal full of peace and unconditional love that purifies and heals the heart. Promotes calm and security. It helps you forgive more easily and accept yourself, as it feeds self-esteem. It is healing, helps you release your emotions, and opens your heart.



    It is mainly used for protection against bad energies; It brings tranquility, understanding, and mental clarity and helps in some healing processes. Also, selenite is known to help you fall asleep easily. Therefore, it is ideal for meditation sessions and connecting with the angels.


    It is related to spiritual connection. It stimulates psychic abilities and allows fears to be dispelled. Promotes calmness and encourages you to persevere and keep your life in balance. It is said to protect you against negative energies and help you to know your spiritual purpose.

    Crystals to Keep in Your Study

    We recommend keeping agates in your study or workspace, ideal for combating stress and stimulating creativity. You can also keep sodalite, a crystal that keeps your mind open to new knowledge. Finally, to avoid electromagnetic radiation from your computer and other devices, you can use shungite or amazonite.


    It is made up of microscopic quartz crystals. Its power to harmonize negative and positive energies makes it a special stone. It is used as an enhancer of concentration and memories. In addition, it favors calm and harmony, acceptance, and self-esteem. It encourages love, inner healing, and spiritual growth.


    It is related to the expansion of your inner consciousness. It helps you maintain a state of calm and reception of knowledge. It is a crystal that promotes good teamwork and brings solidarity and harmony. In addition, it allows you to keep your ideals clear and eliminate confusion.


    It is known to help transmute the energies that impede your physical and emotional stability. In addition, it has properties that help absorb electromagnetic radiation and protect your health. Therefore, keeping it near computers, modems, televisions, and other devices is ideal.


    Drives away negative energies and anger. It is also used to dispel fear and worries. This crystal also helps absorb cell phone radiation and protects against electromagnetic pollution.

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