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Which crystals are best for root chakra?


    In this post, we go over what is your root chakra and which crystals are best for root chakra.

    What is Root Chakra?

    The location of the Root chakra is at the very bottom of our spine, just above the pubic bone. The root chakra is connected to having a sense of safety, belonging, and security. It satisfies our most fundamental requirements, both mentally and physically, as well as emotionally.

    When this occurs, we will finally have a stable basis upon which to continue our development as human beings. In the same way that plants develop from the ground up, beginning with their roots, then their stems, then their leaves, and finally their flowers.

    To put it another way, if one does not have a strong sense of security and belonging in their life, it is difficult to discuss reaching higher levels of happiness and fulfillment.

    The Importance of Root Chakra

    We must put down strong roots to feel like we belong on Earth. When we do this, no matter where we are, we feel safe and at home. This could mean we feel healthy and full of energy even when things are hard.

    So, when our Root Chakra opens, we tend to have a healthy sense of self-worth and trust in our path because we feel connected to or like we are a part of a bigger whole—the planet. No matter what life throws at us, we can handle it because we know everything will work out in the end.

    We always know, deep down, that we are connected and safe. This kind of trust eases the basic fear that all people have. Working on this basic level is like getting our garden ready for planting. Once it’s good and wet, we can plant seeds and know they’ll grow well.

    How Does Root Chakra Get Out of Balance?

    The first or Root Chakra can be out of balance on different levels. It could be because they are physically in danger since most of our energy goes toward ensuring we can stay alive.

    The instincts stemming from the root chakra want us to find something to eat or somewhere safe to sleep. A serious illness or pain that doesn’t go away can make us feel less physically safe.

    On the emotional side, the root chakra is linked to the need to feel like we belong. The basic feeling that we belong in the world (through family, country, humanity, etc.) and have the right to be there.

    Even if we are not in real physical danger, our minds (thoughts) may be in danger. This can throw off the balance of our Root Chakra.

    Psychology tells us that if we didn’t grow up in a safe and loving place as kids, our minds might project that feeling of basic insecurity onto our lives and situations. In this case, the Root Chakra is blocked by our primal energies. This can lead to different levels of depression, anxiety, fear, and sometimes health problems in the pelvic area.


    How To Balance Root Chakra Primal Energy

    The most powerful source of healing energy that comes from the ground is the planet Earth. Also, our bodies are made up of Earth.

    The Root Chakra is the main part of our body that connects us to the Earth. It lets us get power from Earth and get rid of things we don’t need. But this connection is broken when the energy in our Root Chakra is blocked.

    To bring things back into balance, we must reconnect with Earth on all levels. This includes getting your bare feet on the ground. But how do we get back to how our bodies and the planet reconnect with each other?

    We must trust that the earth will always give us what we need on every level. Always know that we are safe and cared for and belong. This can give us faith and help us get back to our roots on the planet.

    How do the best gemstones and crystals balance the root chakra?

    So how do you know which stone to pick to balance the root chakra? The Earth makes different gems, like our bodies have different energy points. Because we are all a part of nature, it makes sense that there is a link between some crystals and some chakras. In the same way, the flowers and the bees are two things that depend on each other.

    For example, the bloodstone, Tiger’s Eye, Hematite, Agate, Lava, Garnet, and Onyx are all connected to the Root Chakra’s energy. These gems and crystals could help us restore our connection to the Earth and balance our First or Root Chakra.

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