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Which crystals are for the sacral chakra?


    In this post, we go over which crystals are for the sacral chakra.

    Healing crystals are effective in fixing an overactive, underactive, or blocked sacral chakra.

    List of Crystals for Sacral Chakra & How to Use Them

    The following is a list of healing crystals to use for the sacral chakra:

    • Orange Calcite: Heals emotional problems.
    • Autumn Jasper: Promotes the feeling of compassion and protects our positivity.
    • Mookalite (red): Helps us accept life changes and resolve situations.
    • Citrine: Manifests joy and allows us to appreciate the simple pleasures in life.
    • Carnelian: Helps unleash your creativity and discover hidden gifts.

    You can use these crystals by:

    • Placing them over the respective chakra center during meditation
    • Keeping crystals around the living space
    • Wearing the healing stone(s) as jewelry

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