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Which crystals harmonize for each chakra?


    In this post, we go over which crystals harmonize for each chakra.

    What is Chakra?

    An Indian Sanskrit term, the word “chakra” which means “wheel” refers to central points that link all our energies to balance the health of body and mind.

    Concretely, the 7 main chakras are distilled from the bottom of the spine to the top of the skull. Each chakra is directly connected to a different part of the body.

    They are also associated with stones representing a specific energy center, which affects our well-being.

    List of Chakra & Healing Stones

    Each chakra has its specificities and the stone that contributes to the proper functioning of the body.

    Stones for the root chakra

    The root chakra is located at the coccyx, the bone at the base of the spine.

    Earth is the element associated with it that represents energy, strength and vitality.

    Red stones like red jasper, garnet, and ruby ​​help you open the root chakra.

    Stones for the sacral chakra

    Also called the sex chakra, the sacral chakra is linked to emotions and sexuality.

    Orange stones such as carnelian, topaz or orange calcite boost your libido.

    The element attached to the sacral chakra is water.

    Stones for the solar plexus chakra

    The solar plexus chakra is the stomach chakra.

    It is a source of well-being and a symbol of good humor.

    Citrine, yellow calcite, and amber are the stones associated with this fire-related chakra.


    Stones for the heart chakra

    The heart chakra is the central chakra that carries the energies of the heart and lungs.

    It speaks to all who wish to find inner peace and regain the capacity to love.

    The heart chakra is associated with air.

    It opens on contact with the positive energies of pink and green stones such as rose quartz, malachite or rhodonite.

    Stones for the throat chakra

    The throat chakra influences our ability to communicate and express ourselves freely.

    It frees us from our anxieties and allows us to face negative events calmly.

    Apatite, blue agate, and aquamarine are the stones related to the throat chakra.

    Stones for the third eye chakra

    In the middle of the forehead, above the eyebrows, the third eye chakra is considered the temple of the soul.

    It helps us to interpret better and to keep a good memory.

    Lapis lazuli, azuri, and sapphire are some of the stones related to this chakra.

    Stones for the crown chakra

    The crown chakra sits at the top of the skull.

    It revives the thought, the awakening of consciencness, and ensures the connection of the body and the spirit with the universe.

    In addition, this chakra symbolizes harmony and wisdom.

    Purple and white stones such as amethyst, rock crystal and smoky quartz help care for the crown chakra.

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