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Which crystals to use for chakra balance?


    In this article, we quickly go over which crystals to use for chakra balance.

    4 Crystals To Use For Chakra Balance

    1. Agate

    Agate is a beautiful stone known in crystal theory for its ability to give you the stability to help you ground.

    Traditionally, it was used to protect people from ‘negative’ energy, ie, anything that comes at you from the outside and that you don’t want in your life, that takes energy and distracts you from the path that feels like your own. Agate would also be good for people who worry a lot.

    Agate comes in different colors; for grounding and rest, the ‘cool’ colors (grey, green and blue) would be suitable.

    Use the agate as a focal point during your meditation, or hold it in your hand while meditating to feel its energy fill you.

    2. Selenite

    Selenite would be ideal to bring more balance and stillness into your life. This stone is said to give off vibrations of high and light energy, which are well suited to the state known as ‘flow.’ That is to say that you are calmly focused and enjoy ‘being busy.’

    Selenite is known in crystal learning as a cleansing stone: it is said to cleanse other stones, but you can also use it as part of a cleansing ritual or during an energy healing such as Reiki.

    In addition, selenite would be an ideal stone for your bedside table: it would put you in the calm and clear mood needed for the perfect night’s sleep. Of course, you can also put it under your pillow.

    3. Rock crystal

    Rock crystal is a clear, ‘white’ crystal of the quartz type. It is a magnificent crystal, said to have a beneficial effect in the broadest sense of the word.

    In terms of energy, it corresponds to the crown chakra, which would help to see things from a different, higher perspective. That can give you the strength to break free from the everyday conflict in your head, where everyone is sometimes trapped.

    The rock crystal stimulates a clear mind amid the daily hustle and bustle. You just have to touch it or look at it with full attention. This can be done during meditation and by placing it on your desk.


    4. Amethyst

    Amethyst has a deep purple color and is related to the rock crystal.

    According to crystal experts, this stone is said to have a calming, purifying and protective effect. With amethyst you would easily and safely make contact with the higher energy. The crystal would help you open up to spiritual abilities or increase them if you have already discovered them.

    With amethyst you would find the stillness within yourself and gain a deeper understanding of what is important to you. The stone would also help to process and let go of grief more easily.

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