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Who is more susceptible to hypnosis?


    The question is: Who is more susceptible to hypnosis?

    There are a variety of factors that make someone more susceptible to hypnosis than others. But the two main factors are Belief and Consent. Assuming that the person is cognitively capable of being hypnotized, those two components will be the strongest indicators of someone who is prone to hypnosis.

    Background on Hypnosis & Subjects

    Almost all members of the human population are susceptible to hypnosis.

    Regrettably, there are a great number of myths surrounding the practice of hypnosis.

    Hypnosis is not the same as mind control since the patient retains complete discretion over when and how they provide their permission.

    There is NO correlation between hypnosis and IQ. For over four years, practically all my hypnotic patients came from the MIT community. After that, most of my interactions were with people whose IQ was far lower than that. This went on for many years. There is no difference while speaking hypnotically.

    Hypnotizing a child is often simpler. However, this is NOT due to adult authority, intellect, or any other reasons that have been given up to this point. Examine the process by which the Critical Factor develops (some publications refer to it as the Critical Faculty), and keep in mind that this component is EVOLVING from a state close to zero at birth to one fully mature sometime after puberty. A straightforward explanation of what exactly the Critical F. is. Think of it as the gatekeeper that controls access to the rest of your brain.

    The extent to which closely related academic professions refuse to engage in exchanges with experienced hypnotists significantly contributes to the widespread misunderstanding surrounding hypnosis. “Why should you listen to him? He does not have a doctoral degree.” (However, it is possible that he mesmerized many thousand individuals…)

    Because of this mentality, a full professor of psychology at a medical school taught my daughter that anybody who claimed to acquire hypnosis with less than twenty minutes of intense focus and complete stillness was obviously trying to pull a fast one on people.

    The 10,000 medical students my father taught and who frequently achieved hypnosis in one to three minutes in noisy situations and got patients sufficiently deep for things like open heart surgery with just hypnotic anesthesia would find this professor’s professional blunders to be extremely amusing.


    The term “hypnosis” refers to a procedure that may guide an individual’s mind into a more profound trance state than the state of mind that occurs naturally. On the other hand, those who meditate frequently can enter a trance that is just as profound as the one that may be induced by a qualified hypnosis practitioner.

    To get a therapeutic outcome via hypnosis, working with a skilled professional capable of asking the appropriate questions is necessary. Fear or another emotion of a similar kind is the key factor that causes individuals to resist entering a trance state that has been enabled. Anyone may be hypnotized so long as their resistance is either erased or circumvented by receiving enough education.

    Who Is More Susceptible To Hypnosis?

    The vast majority of individuals can be hypnotized.

    Hypnotizing certain individuals is likely to come more easily to others than it will.

    Take, for instance…

    People with previous experiences with hypnosis should be simpler to hypnotize than those without, given that they will have gone through the procedure and know what to anticipate.

    Others who are aware of a friend or member of their family who has been hypnotized successfully may be more open to the idea of undergoing hypnosis themselves.

    People who regularly engage in activities such as yoga or meditation and those who have undergone various treatments are affected similarly.

    These individuals will be more receptive to the opportunities that hypnosis presents and will be more ready to engage as a result of having gone through comparable experiences in the past, ideally with positive results.

    Regardless of what the stats indicate, two variables significantly exceed the others.

    There are two aspects of a person’s personality that, more than anything else, will make them simpler to hypnotize. These two aspects are as follows:

    Consent and Belief.

    When you put some thought into it, it becomes rather evident.

    If a person offers permission to be hypnotized, it means they are open to the experience of being hypnotized. Therefore, they will not put up any kind of struggle or attempt to oppose the procedure in any manner. Therefore, hypnosis is likely going to be successful for them.

    Similarly, if a person thinks they can be hypnotized by you, you will be able to hypnotize them. Again, this is because they have opened themselves up to the prospect of being hypnotized once they have reached the point where they believe it is possible.

    They have faith in the efficacy of hypnosis, the possibility that they can be hypnotized, and are prepared to allow the process.

    This mentality is analogous, in some respects, to how the placebo effect operates. If someone takes a placebo with the expectation that it would have a certain effect, it is conceivable that their body’s natural chemistry may react in a way that produces that effect or outcome.

    Similarly, if you have faith that you will respond favorably to hypnosis, you will naturally anticipate that it will be successful for you and will almost certainly be so.

    Therefore, the ball is in your court at this moment.

    But there is a possibility that you are harboring some lingering doubts about the matter. For example, you may still have doubts about your abilities and are concerned that the individual in front of you could belong to the 25% of people who can’t be hypnotized.

    So what do you do?

    You use the methods used by street hypnotists to quickly identify those who are most open to hypnosis and have the greatest potential as subjects.

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