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Why are subliminals not working for me?

    Why are subliminals not working for you me

    The question is: Why are subliminals not working for me?

    Reasons Why Subliminals Are Not Working For You

    If you have been attempting to employ subliminals without success, there are a few possibilities as to why they are not working for you:

    The Subliminal is Inappropriate or Poorly Made

    It depends on the person who developed your subliminal as to whether or not it was done properly. You must get your subliminals professionally recorded for them to be effective for you. This indicates that they must capture the appropriate tones and frequencies in the background before proceeding.

    If they are employing brain waves, they need to be tuned to the appropriate frequency to put you in the frame of mind where the subliminal message will be most effective for you.

    The vast majority of manufacturers pump out subliminals with errors. Therefore, you need to be wary of what you choose to listen to at this time. Learning how to produce subliminals appropriately requires a significant amount of information and investigation, both of which most individuals do not have.

    Always make sure you buy your subliminals from a brand you trust.

    Lack of Affirmations

    It may surprise you, but many of the subliminal videos available on Facebook and YouTube do not include any affirmations.

    YouTube subliminals are created to attract views; the more a video receives, the more money it earns from its creator. However, affirmations that are written down and recorded need a significant amount of effort. Therefore, many of them just record some background music and then promise that it would bring you benefits after only one listening, or even overnight or instantaneously in certain cases.

    Some of the ones that we looked at had affirmations that were worded in the wrong way. There was no way anyone listening to this would benefit from how these affirmations were worded.

    Inaccurate Brain Waves or Frequencies

    You will not experience any benefits from a subliminal with the incorrect frequencies or tones. The affirmations recorded on the subliminal will not be able to open or penetrate your mind in any way.

    Subliminal messages that are professionally produced and use the appropriate tones or brain waves will induce an open state of mind in the listener, much as a hypnotist would before offering recommendations or affirmations.

    Pessisistic Mentality

    If you are generally pessimistic, you could discover that subliminals do not work as well for you at first. You need to adjust your way of thinking and become more receptive to the idea of using subliminal audio.

    “This is not working. This is not going to work. I am wasting my time. Why is it taking so long? This should have been successful in one day.”

    If you continue to think this way, any potential advantages of using a subliminal will be nullified, and the subliminal will not be effective.

    Thankfully our subliminals all have a positivity outlook built into them. This way, even if you’re skeptical at first, the more you use your subliminal, the more you will grow on the idea and allow it to take effect.

    Lack of Consistency

    Repetition is necessary for your subconscious mind to assimilate the information in subliminals. In most situations, it takes between 26 and 30 days for the lasting effects to become solidly ingrained in the subconscious.

    Continue to listen, and make sure you schedule time daily so that you may listen regularly and never miss a day.

    Competing Subliminals

    There is another post on our site that discusses this topic; however, you should ensure that you are not listening to two subliminal messages that are at odds with one another. You will not get any results; in many instances, one will nullify the effects of the other.

    If you have all of our “Main 3” subliminals, we recommend that the most frequently you switch between them is three weeks to 30 days. There is already so much packed into each subliminal, and we have taken incredible measures to ensure you get each benefit without one of our products canceling itself out. But we cannot make the promise that listening to two or more of our subliminal products in a simultaneous period will bring you as much benefit as focusing on one at a time.

    You Aren’t Letting Go

    Feel free to do other things when listening to your subliminals. There is such a thing as being too enthusiastic or “being needy.”

    This hyperintention can actually be your downfall because you are coming from a place of desperation. Which is why you notice things you want escaping you. You simply “wanted it too much”.

    While listening to a subliminal message, you are free to do various other tasks. This is often quite helpful since it distracts your attention from the issue, objective, or desire you are trying to fulfill, which paves the way for it to materialize. Allow the subconscious to do its function.

    Try a Booster or Flush

    Using subliminal boosters may be beneficial since they put your mind in a much more responsive condition before you listen to your primary subliminal message.

    Our subliminals are designed so that you don’t need any extra subliminal supplementation like a booster or flush. You can simply listen to the subliminal.

    Why are subliminals not working for you me

    Lack of Sleep / Need Meditation

    If subliminals do not have the desired effect for you, be sure to get enough rest. You’re possibly experiencing a high-stress level or just too exhausted to allow your subconscious mind to be receptive. Effects, On the other hand, the subliminal maybe accelerate. Because there are so many advantages to practicing meditation, we plan to devote a whole additional series to the topic at some point.

    When you meditate, you are essentially allowing your mind to become more receptive to higher awareness. When you meditate, you stop thinking about the past or the future and instead focus entirely on the here and now. You could be surprised by the outcomes of your meditation sessions if you combine them with listening to subliminal messages.

    Why aren’t subliminal messages helping me like they used to?

    If you have been utilizing a subliminal and getting effects from it in the past but aren’t seeing those results now, something has changed in your life. It’s possible that you changed the subliminal program. Or you may have begun combining elements that are now in conflict with one another. Maybe you are not consistent.

    For example, neglecting to listen to your audio daily. Sometimes another event takes place in your life, and as a result, you are now experiencing feelings of depression or tension. With many other things going on, you no longer see success with subliminals.

    Reduce the number of them you are listening to simultaneously and focus your attention on just one or two of them until you get the outcomes you are looking for.

    Why are my subliminals taking longer to work for me than they did for other people?

    Some of you become impatient and question why the subliminals take so much longer to complete. Or, why do we have to wait such a long time for results?

    One of the primary factors is that you want your objective much too much. If you allow yourself to get anxious about anything or question why something is taking you so long to do, you will put it off even more, which will cause it to take even longer.

    The cosmos has no concept of what is morally right or wrong. It provides you with what you already think to be true, what you keep in your mind, and the emotions or sentiments you make in response to a want or a purpose. If you worry about it or ask, “Where is it?” Nothing but more of the same deficiency is going to come your way. You will keep wondering why it takes such a long time to complete. You need to convince yourself that you already own it, even though this is not the case.

    To put it simply, this is how the law of attraction works.

    Another factor is thinking in a pessimistic manner. You can’t expect to see effects if you listen to a subliminal recording for half an hour and then spend the rest of the day being pessimistic.

    Being grateful and keeping a happy attitude can bring benefits far more quickly than having negative thoughts or emotions. Practice gratitude for the things you already possess. It’s possible that whatever you’re attempting to alter is firmly ingrained in your subconscious mind. It’s possible that you picked up a habit or pattern when you were very young that’s still operating in the background of your subconscious mind, Before the age of seven. You have been toting this about with you all of your life. You must practice patience and allow the subliminal message to do your job. You cannot anticipate miracles in a single listening or over a single day.

    We suggest listening for a whole month without missing a day. However, remember that this is only a guideline, and many individuals take far longer. In fact, some individuals obtain extremely speedy results. Everything relies on the part of your mind that is subconscious. If it has been less than a month and you have not seen any benefits, continue to pay attention. Continue following the program with the conviction or knowledge that it will ultimately alter the beliefs stored in your subconscious mind and materialize the desired outcome in your life.

    Why do some people have success with subliminal messaging while others do not?

    As I said at the beginning of this essay, it’s possible they were constructed or made incorrectly. Many different aspects go into making a subliminal effectively, and the producer has to have a good understanding of the science and technology that goes into making them. The affirmations may have been written or stated wrongly on their end. For subliminals to work, their affirmations must be worded properly.

    Another reason many subliminal messages don’t function is that they make impossible promises. For example, turn your brown eyes green in an instant, grow taller overnight, grow shorter, change the color of your eyes from brown to green, and listen to once for immediate effects.

    It’s too good to be true. Sadly, it seems that a great number of individuals are guilty of falling for this.

    That’s why if you’re interested in using subliminals make sure you get the highest quality you can get your hands on.

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