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Why become a Reiki Master?


    Allow me address those individuals who are already well acquainted with Reiki through this written medium. Prior to proceeding further with this text. I would greatly appreciate your insight on the following: Why have you chosen to further your Reiki training by reaching the Master Level? If you harbor aspirations of becoming a Reiki Master.

    Please elucidate the inspirations that led to this resolution. Do you happen to recollect the instance when you initially encountered the term Reiki? Perhaps your life has experienced notable transformations since then.

    After all, embarking on the journey towards mastery of Reiki necessitated traversing a lengthy and meandering path encompassing its numerous levels. Nevertheless. It is plausible that little may have altered in your life; bear in mind. Though.

    That everything remains intact – there is no definitive right or wrong – and every facet has abided by your personal choices thus far. Opting to take an additional stride forward in life. Namely undertaking the role of a Reiki Master.

    Could potentially yield a pivotal juncture for personal growth. Ultimately.

    However. This determination rests solely within your hands. Only you possess jurisdiction over how to employ your freshly attained Reiki knowledge and what measures to undertake.

    Even if you lack any inclination to disseminate your understanding of Reiki with others. You shall forever remain an adept individual progressing towards enlightenment on a spiritual plane.

    Henceforth apprehension regarding this eventuality proves unwarranted.

    Conversely. Should an inclination arise within you to educate others about this unique tapestry of energy and illumination. I firmly believe that your gratitude for participating in said cosmic energy will blossom even further. When we ascend into mastership status we affirm our willingness before the universe to co create alongside God/Father/Mother/Son and Spirit in every feasible aspect.

    We humbly accept this role as a way of showing our acknowledgment. By changing ourselves. We have the potential to change everything surrounding us. Including past events and future occurrences.

    However. In order for this transformation to manifest.

    It is essential that we fully embrace and appreciate the present moment.

    This is why the Reiki Master carries a perpetual attitude of gratitude towards what has happened and what will come to pass in the world. If you have decided that becoming a Reiki Master is your calling you will be warmly welcomed into a boundless source of untainted light and love which brings forth peace, joy, health, prosperity, gratitude, and enlightenment.

    But what exactly does it mean to hold the title of “Reiki Master”? It means accepting responsibility for your abilities and talents with utmost humility.

    The Reiki Master no longer seeks simplistic solutions or obvious answers because such pursuits may either aid or hinder their personal journey of self discovery. Mundane worries hold no significance when compared to the greater cosmic and universal vision that has been set forth by the Reiki Master.

    With profound knowledge and understanding that everything exists due to their own thoughts, energy, and vibrations. They perceive that all is in perfect harmony as it should be. Leading others towards aspiring for seemingly impossible dreams while revealing their illusory nature is part of their role as a master practitioner. They understand that each individual lives in accordance with their own creation and will only intervene if asked and given permission to do so.

    Their aim is to infuse everyone with the illuminating energy of love and light.

    Regardless of its nature or form.

    Everything resonates solely within Christs’ light and love. The Reiki master recognizes that by clearing their own energetic field from memories of lack, pain, suffering. Among other things; they unintentionally clear not only themselves but also those around them from similar burdensome frequencies A century and a half ago, there was an individual who possessed extraordinary persistence and an exceptional ability to envision the future.

    Recognizing the urgent need for humanity to reclaim its rich heritage of wisdom and strength at that time; he dedicated his entire existence towards unearthing ancient knowledge that had long been forgotten. Sensing the impending turmoil that would distance people further from their origins; he foresaw bleak realities where individuals would experience emptiness, shamefulness, diminishing dignity; alongside anxiety-stricken times leaving them directionless without any connection to either themselves or the vast cosmos surrounding them.

    Tragically enough; these disturbing circumstances were paralleled in actuality with an ongoing impact on individuals even reaching our contemporary times. Many additional adversities began affecting one’s physical well-being mental state as well as spiritual essence leading some individuals into cycles of despair characterized by hopelessness & aimlessness. This is how many people have lived: without any inspiration or hope for a better future.

    Some have even lost faith in their own lives and look for meaning elsewhere. Others wander aimlessly. Unsure of where to go or where they came from. They don’t question why they are here or how they can change their lives.
    However there was a wise master who understood that there was more to life than what we were taught. He knew that reconnecting with the source of all light, known as Reiki was essential for the survival of our planet and humanity. He taught us this process and its significance.
    Becoming a Reiki Master means consciously working to rebuild our connection with the divine and aligning ourselves with higher frequencies. Its’ not just about mastering a technique but being part of a greater system that can lead us to create a new future by restoring the cosmic channel within us. This is the first step towards discovering endless possibilities for happiness.
    As a Reiki Master. You have the power to touch others deeply and reignite the spark within them. The moment of initiation confirms your divine connection. If you’re interested in embarking on this journey I invite you to join my small class where you’ll receive ample support and guidance to fully utilize your potential.

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