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Why Chakras Are Important


    Let’s go over why chakras are important in both your life and others’.

    The history of the word “chakra” is a good starting point to understand these energy centers.

    The Sanskrit word for “wheel” gave birth to this term. Chakras are believed to be spinning discs of light in different parts of our bodies playing a role in the flow and exchange of energies.

    The number of chakras varies, with estimates ranging from hundreds to just seven.

    However if you delve into the subject you’ll find that the knowledge about the seven chakras along our spine is most widely recognized.

    These are the Root Chakra, Spleen Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra.

    Now lets explore why chakras hold such significance while remaining relatively unknown. What purpose do they serve? And what connects them to yoga?

    Lets break it down and address each question respectfully.

    Its understandable that our understanding may be limited when it comes to traditions from other parts of the world. The teachings on chakras were likely passed down orally before being recorded in Hindu scriptures predating Christ.

    So it took time for people in the Western world to become aware of chakras and direct their attention towards these areas of the body.

    On another note. Their significance ties into an individual’s day to day activities.

    With that said we’ve completed answering part one of our second question. It is important to understand that respectful language should be utilized while engaging in discussions, arguments, or debates. By doing so we can promote a more constructive and civilized environment for dialogue. Additionally. It is crucial to support our statements and claims with well reasoned arguments. Supported by reliable references and quotes from credible sources. However. We should also be mindful of not overloading our writing with excessive expansion or unnecessary details. In order to maintain readability and coherence in our writing it is advisable to vary our sentence structure and length.

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