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Why do chakras get blocked?


    Let’s briefly examine the question: “Why do chakras get blocked?”

    Chakras are energy centers that help receive various types of energy and information from the universe. There are over a hundred chakras in our body, but seven are considered to be the main ones, each located along the spine.

    Suppose a person experiences negative emotions and fails to enjoy the joys of life. In that case, the cause is an interruption in the circulation of energy flows and the blockage of the chakras.

    To feel good, have good health, have unlimited financial resources, and communicate freely with others, vital energy must flow freely in the energy-information channels.

    The seven chakras correspond to a different body part and are identified along the spine, starting from the coccyx and reaching the top of the head.

    What Are The 7 Main Chakras?

    The chakras are responsible for various bodily and mental functions. The seven chakras are:

    • Muladhara: root chakra (first chakra)
    • Svadhisthana: sacral chakra (second chakra)
    • Manipura: solar plexus chakra (third chakra)
    • Anahata: heart chakra (fourth chakra)
    • Vishuddha: throat chakra (fifth chakra)
    • Ajna: third eye chakra (sixth chakra)
    • Sahasrara: crown chakra (seventh chakra)

    Why Do Chakras Get Blocked?

    Different situations and behaviors can block your chakras.

    The energy flows are interrupted by a sudden obstacle, the same way a giant fallen stone blocks the current of a stream.

    The most common chakra blocks are due to:

    • low self-esteem
    • disease
    • work stress
    • suppression of sexuality
    • ache
    • financial problems
    • fear
    • anxiety
    • denial
    • stubbornness

    These knots are created when we resist and can only be untied if we are humble enough to be open-minded, see outside of our fixed close-minded thinking, and learn to see the stepping stones in front of us.

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