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Why You Have a Headache After Reiki


    A practitioner who is new to practicing Reiki may expect the healing process to progress smoothly. There can be unexpected or disconcerting experiences along the way. One such occurrence could be feeling sudden pain while channeling Reiki energy for a client. It’s important to remember that during a session the energy not enters the client but also flows out of the client.

    For example you may initially perceive everything as proceeding with a client, similar to your past healing experiences.. Suddenly while placing your hand in a common position you may find that your hands feel immobilized accompanied by a sharp headache or an intense sensation of extreme cold that almost induces faintness. Such instances can be quite unsettling leading you to feel the need to create some distance from the client in order to regain composure.

    In understanding what exactly occurred and how to address it it seems evident that your fear stemmed from being unfamiliar with the healing energy that passes through you. The discomfort arose due, to this unfamiliarity and the energys passage.If its possible it would be advisable to continue the healing process until the sensations of pain, coldness or faintness subside. If needed find a chair to sit in while performing the healing work until these sensations dissipate entirely. Once that happens consider the healing process complete.

    There’s no need to worry about the energy you channel into or out of the person you’re assisting. Remember that you’re also receiving healing simultaneously throughout the process. These sensations give you an indication of how you should remain in that position to ensure the healing is thoroughly accomplished. In terms wait until these feelings fade away.

    Allow yourself to go with the flow and pay attention to what unfolds. It’s merely an exchange of energy. Embrace a curiosity and wonder about how the intense pain transforms from a solid rock like sensation into something softer like a sponge within your mind. Try to perceive this transition occurring and be aware as it gradually fades away. Allow yourself to be curious, about where it will exit your body. Will it depart through the Crown. Perhaps in a horizontal direction?

    Remember, while modifying the text it’s important to maintain coherence, clarity and a natural flow of language to ensure it reads more human like.Additionally there is a technique called the pain drain that can be used during a Reiki self treatment. To perform this focus on directing one arm towards the flame and allowing all the accumulated psychic gunk energy in your head to drain into it. It’s important to note that this process may take longer than anticipated. In my experience such situations can persist for up to thirty minutes or sometimes even for the entire session.

    When Reiki treatment causes discomfort

    Occasionally during a Reiki self treatment you may experience pressure or a mild headache particularly in the area of your third eye. This is an occurrence when the healing Reiki energy encounters blocked energy.

    Managing headaches during Reiki self treatment

    While engaging in the postures involved in your Reiki self treatment it can be beneficial to encounter sensations of pressure or even a headache. I don’t imply that experiencing headaches or pressure in body areas is desirable but it can serve as a guide to identify and address blockages within yourself. If you happen to develop a headache while giving yourself a Reiki treatment it’s crucial to acknowledge that the discomfort originates from the energy in your head and its flow, throughout your body.If you experience a sensation of pressure in the area commonly referred to as the “ eye ” it could suggest various factors at play. It may be indicative of an excess of energy a thought process, negative thoughts or judgments or simply a general feeling of fatigue in that region. On the hand feeling a pulsation might signal the opening of the third eye leading to pressure in particular situations. Furthermore discomfort in the temples might imply circulation of energy within your body.

    To address energy flow it is advisable to assess the condition of your crown and throat chakras. These imbalances may create obstacles hindering the flow of energy. To alleviate this you can position your hands a distance away from these chakras and envision their gradual opening. Visualize the flow of energy throughout your entire body extending downwards, toward the earth. By doing you can effectively activate these chakras to their full potential.

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